9 Tips To Make Your Exhibition Display Panels Pop!


Exhibitions and trade shows are a highly effective way to market and promote your business, and its services and products. But only if it is done right! There are many ways to make your exhibition stand design really stand out in a room full of exhibitors, and eye-catching, vibrant display panels are a perfect way to attract visitors to your stand.

Exhibiting at shows and trade fairs can be expensive, but also very financially rewarding.

One of the keys to a successful exhibition or event is design. Unappealing stands will dissuade visitors from coming to your stand, making it more difficult to get a great return on your investment.

Every company will have unique goals they are hoping to achieve from an exhibition, will have unique target markets and will have unique design strategies.

But, below are some tips to ensure your display panels really ‘pop’ at your next exhibition, regardless of the variables involved.

Your target audience

Before any exhibition, make sure you have established exactly who you want to attract to your stand. Exciting and vibrant display panels will not give you the results you are looking for if they don’t attract the right visitors.

Ensure that you keep the message you are looking to convey front and centre of your mind when planning your stand design.

Get your message right

To get your target audience to visit your display stand, it is important to make sure the message you give out hits the right notes, to the right businesses and companies.

Having identified your target audience, you need to ensure that you have established what you want to communicate to potential stand visitors to get you the results you are looking for

In translating that message onto your display panels, ensure that you think about the words and graphics that will really attract quality visitors to your exhibition stand. Display your brand proudly, and make sure visitors will remember you.

Events are the perfect opportunity for you to make your brand public and recognisable, don’t miss the chance.

Colourful displays

What better way to stand out in a room full of exhibitors than having eye-catching bright colours that will be noticed by your target market?

There is a reason why some of the biggest international companies around the world use bright colours; red, yellow, and orange. It’s because they immediately draw interest.

It takes just seconds for someone to walk past an exhibition stand, but also just seconds for that someone to be wowed by amazing graphics.

Dull, dark stand graphics will just not stop people in their tracks, whereas stand-out, beautiful exhibition stands will make a real impact.

Colours that fit with your corporate branding are good, but not essential. The key is to choose colours that are vibrant and bright. These will contrast much better against the exhibition hall background than lifeless flat colours.


Using solid strong imagery on your display stand will undoubtedly give your potential customers a reason to stop at your stand, investigate further and even begin a conversation which could just lead to great new business.

We process an image significantly faster than we process text, so use high-quality imagery to convey your brand or message quickly and effectively.

Any pictures you use will need to be high-resolution. Displays that contain pixellated blurry images can more often than not be unrecognisable, and will simply deter potential visitors.

Use a skilled photographer, and an experienced graphic designer to show your product or service at the highest quality.

Of course, you don’t have to use pictures and images to communicate what your company does, but even if you are just displaying your company logo, it needs to be crisp, clear and high-resolution.

Avoid too much text

As well as great-looking images, the text is an essential part of making your display stand eye-catching. But there are pitfalls to watch out for.

Remember that the purpose of a stand is to attract attention as quickly as possible, as well as to display information.

A passing visitor who may well be quickly and immediately attracted to your stand with great visual images, will not have the time to digest a large amount of text. Less can be more. Use a mix of imagery and text, and you will more likely succeed in persuading your next big customer to come by your stand and find out more.

Too much text will put someone off, they won’t necessarily have the time to read a long paragraph written all about your business. But that doesn’t mean using text to attract attention is necessarily a bad thing.

Concentrate on the key points of difference about you as a company, bullet points can work well. Make sure you include your web address and social media details, people may just take a photo of your stand and follow up with you later. Incorporating QR codes are also useful in this instance.

Use larger fonts, that can be read from a distance. Place keywording and messages on the upper half of your display stands, it makes it clearer, and easier to read. Then visitors won’t require your visitor to be on their hands and knees to read the information they may be interested in.

Choose the right materials

Your content and images could be colourful, bright and vibrant on screen, but if they are not printed on the right substrate, you can immediately lose that vibrancy, and your display stand suddenly becomes dull and will not attract the visitors you want.

Speak to a large format print specialist, who will use their experience of which material will help make your images pop. There is a huge range of materials that can be printed on, and choosing the right option is vital. Get expert advice, and you will really see the difference.

And it’s not just choosing the right material that is important. Choosing the right type of display stand is equally important. There is a comprehensive range, from pull-up banners, PVC banners, flexible stands, modular stands and so on. Again, use the expertise of a large format print expert. They will guide you and your team in creating a truly eye-catching exhibition stand.

The right amount of lighting

Another important factor which many exhibitors do not think of when it comes to how to really show off your display panels is lighting.

Often the lighting in exhibition centres is low. Therefor the layout of your exhibition stands is important. Ensure you use lighting in the right areas of your stand to really show off those colourful display panels.

Interactive features

Display panels do not only have to be solid, printed items. Be adventurous!

There are multimedia stand solutions that can now combine both printed imagery and text as well as video and screen technology.

Interactive stands immediately look more attractive and exciting to a potential visitor. Use screens, monitor stands, and IPad stands to showcase a brand video or information on an exciting new product or service.

The human brain responds more powerfully to images and videos than text making a moving element of your display a great way to attract attention.

And finally a note on storage…

This isn’t the sexiest of tips but one that might prevent a disaster. Always try to ensure that your display panels and all elements of your exhibition stand are well stored.

Exhibition stands and all display panels associated with them can be an expensive investment (although very worthwhile if the tips above are followed), but often they can be reusable.

Make sure that when transporting, assembling and disassembling your displays, care is taken to ensure they are kept in great condition. The better their condition, the more you will benefit from how great they look, and how attention-grabbing they are, and the more often you will be able to use them.


All of the above tips will help you make your next trade show or exhibition a real success, and give you the return on your investment that you deserve. If you need any more guidance on how to ensure you can create outstanding displays that really pop, just give us a call, and one of our team will be there to help.

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