Product Presentation

Optimum Solutions for Product Display

Product Presentation

Presenting your products to your customers in a way that highlights the key features and benefits can be a challenge, but can also reap commercial rewards.

The Smart Printing Company specialises in devising and producing unique and often personalised ways of showcasing individual products. We use our imagination combined with a variety of different print and presentation techniques to produce effective and visually appealing point-of-sale solutions.

Examples include:-

Carpet Aprons and Deckboards

We specialise in the design and manufacture of carpet aprons and deckboards individualised to outlets and suppliers.

Working closely with carpet sampling partners, we can offer advice and expertise on presenting your floor covering product to retailers, and end-users.

Capper Sharrock is an innovative carpet wholesaler providing quality carpets across the north of England. As an integral part of investment in a new display cabinet roll-out for use in retail stores, they wanted to provide a solution personalised to each of their retailers.

Using personalised print techniques, Smart Printing Company developed an idea to show each individual retailer’s name on the display aprons used for the new cabinets. The solution has been welcomed by the retailers and forged closer partnerships with Capper Sharrock.

“Smart Printing Company came up with the idea of personalising our carpet aprons as part of our continued investment in our retail partners. The project was a great success, our retailers appreciated the special attention we had paid to them and are proud to display our ranges.”

Heath Capper – Managing Director, Capper Sharrock

Specialist Product Presentation Folders

Clients turn to us when they want a beautiful way to present a product in a way beyond print, and we have created solutions for many products, from carpets to soft furnishing and from granite to window coverings.

If you have a product that your prospects want to see, touch and feel, let us help create the ideal presentation piece for you.

At Smart Printing Company, we design and print a range of brochures for Morley Glass, the UK’s No1 manufacturer of Integral blinds in specialist glazing. The client was seeking a solution to best display samples of pleated, fabric and metal Venetian blinds.

The nature of the products presented specific challenges in presentational terms. Small samples of pleated blinds are difficult to display because they contract into flat pieces. Venetian blind samples needed securing to give them durability for handling, and fabric samples needed to be displayed without fraying at the edges.

We designed and produced separate presentation folders, combining our expertise in litho, wide format and complex hand finishing to provide practical and effective product display solutions.

“These are the perfect solution for our products, beautifully presented and way beyond our expectations, another top-quality project from the Smart Printing Company team!”

Ian Short – Managing Director, Morley Glass.

Our knowledge, design flair and print expertise can beat your fingertips too.

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