Direct Mail Printing Services

Direct mail uses printed advertising materials to promote any product or service or to communicate directly with your audience. These materials are then posted to businesses or consumers. For optimum effect, personalisation is used to address the individual or business directly.

At Smart Printing Company, we have been printing high-quality, cost-effective campaigns for many years with our mailing house partners. Investment in the latest automated technology means we can now provide efficient and reliable direct mail services in-house. Combining our digital printing with the latest equipment we provide an end-to-end service, speeding up the process to offer ‘on demand’ mailings.

Fast, seamless and accurate services

Using our smart marketing assets portal, many of our clients now upload materials, data selection and personalisation directly to our print devices. It’s a fast, seamless and error-free experience with results to rival and surpass the digital channels.

So what constitutes direct mail?

It goes far beyond conventional promotions. Examples managed by Smart Printing Company include:-

  • High-volume customer statements
  • Debtor letter mailing
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Creditor reports
  • Printing and fulfilment
  • Customer retention campaigns
  • Client acquisition
  • Leaflet distribution
  • Donor engagement
  • Web enquiry responses – We can send brochures on your behalf helping you to save money and time

Combined with our cross-channel capabilities, we create, manage and monitor incredibly effective direct mail campaigns.

Why include direct mail in your marketing portfolio

It works. Response rates can be as high as 37%, for a direct mail campaign, largely due to the fact that a physical piece of mail is seen as more trustworthy than digital communication. Research shows that people keep physical pieces of mail for some time before disposing of them, providing a longer-term visual reminder of the product or service on offer.

Research has also shown that printed marketing usually generates a higher response rate than email marketing. An estimated 87% of consumers see mail arriving on their doorsteps as a trusted and believable option.

Personalisation (made possible by our digital printing capabilities) also makes people feel more valued and encourages brand loyalty. Multi-channel marketing (using both printed and digital marketing materials) will enhance and improve the customer experience and generate improved response rates.

Take a look at some of the statistics

  • The average lifespan of a fully addressed direct mail campaign is 7.75 days compared to the lifespan of an email which averages 2 seconds. (Source: JICMAIL)
  • 87% of consumers rate messages delivered by mail as believable, compared to 48% for email. (Source: RoyalMail Market Reach)
  • 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to 30% of email
  • Door drops deliver a 73% engagement rate
  • Campaigns including print are 67% more effective at delivering new customers than those without
  • Motivation is consistently 20% higher than digital
  • Mail is remembered 35% more than social media ads and 49% more than email
  • 70% of people said mail made them feel more valued compared to 30% for email 

The benefits of outsourcing your direct marketing

We make it easy for you. Smart Printing Company has the in-house resources and skills to deliver direct mail campaigns from conception to delivery, providing our customers with an end-to-end service to match marketing requirements and initiatives.

  • Alongside mailing and fulfilment capabilities, we can provide innovative and creative design solutions and high-quality print with fast turnaround and providing total quality control.
  • Compelling personalisation – our state-of-the-art systems enable our customers to address their customers using names and personal details. It just works better!
  • Expert print solutions – we can manage the production of your direct mail materials, from design to completion and from short runs to volume mailings.
  • Target your customers – we can work with your data or help you source accurate data from accredited sources. As members of JICMail, we have access to their data to help plan campaigns and measure their effectiveness.
  • High-quality fulfilment – our automated systems ensure perfect presentation every time.

Why choose us for your direct mail printing?

  • We specialise in cross-channel marketing and advanced digital print capabilities
  • We have the capability to produce times and targeted direct mail campaigns ranging from short runs of a couple of hundred up to a quarter of a million at a time
  • We can manage your campaigns directly through our web-to-print portal (campaigns on demand) or as conventional mailings where you supply creative and data
  • We sort, produce and post the mailings to rival the fastest response times in the industry – so our customers can decide in the morning and have their message on the prospects’ doorsteps the following day! *subject to service level agreements and postal service
  • We also provide back-office support to our clients combining marketing opportunities with standard administrative mail such as statements, reports and newsletters.

We can help you find unexplored value for your business, managing your direct mail campaigns from concept to customer, with highly competitive pricing levels and automated fulfilment capabilities.

What are the print possibilities?

As a full-service printer with associated direct mail marketing capabilities, Smart Printing Company the in-house capabilities to address all direct mail requirements and provide bespoke solutions. Print has a powerful role to play in direct mail, and we can play an important role in helping you to optimise ROI.

Print Quality

We can help you to match print quality to a product or service. Most of the cost in direct mail marketing is postage, so we believe in being creative with our direct mail materials. Our quality will match your aspirations.

The Right Formats

Formats, sizes and finishes will impact upon end results. We work with our customers to select appropriate formats for campaigns, from simple postcards to incentivised products.

Print Sizes and Finishes

From standard A5 to A3 and beyond, we have the capability to match your requirements, with the right finishes to enhance the look and feel of your direct mail materials.

Print Folds and Enclosures

Our automated systems can create the right presentation for your messages, using simple folds or crisp creative pleats to enhance your communications.

Personalised Print Portal

Our clever web-to-print marketing portal will further simplify and speed up production processes, getting your message to market quickly and accurately. It’s easy to use, stress free and efficient!


What is direct mail print?

Any printed materials of any size, format and finish used in the execution of direct mail marketing campaigns.

Is direct mail making a comeback?

Yes – research suggests it’s working better than ever for brands. It’s been used for many years to reach targeted audiences, and enables recipients to handle something tangible to represent the product or service on offer –important in these increasingly digital days!

Is direct mail still effective in 2023?

Don’t be misled by the arguments of digital marketers. It continues to be a highly effective element of successful marketing strategies, targeting with pinpoint accuracy and opening up new opportunities for business growth.

Who is using direct mail?

Direct mail marketing offers opportunities for almost every business. We carry out campaigns for charities, providers of professional services, educational establishments, entertainment venues, local authorities and retail businesses – to name just a few!

What’s the best day of the week to send out direct mail?

Always consider your postage level and aim for your campaign to land on the doorstep on a midweek day – Tuesday to Thursday. Monday is the busiest day for household post, and you risk your communication receiving less attention. Research suggests weekends should also be avoided, when occupants may be away or simply in a less receptive mode.

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