Litho & Digital Print

Matching Quality and Quantity

Litho & Digital Print

At Smart Printing Company, we use a combination of lithographic and digital printing services to optimise each project. We use our expertise to decide on the best way to achieve the quality and finish required for each project at the most cost-effective price.

Lithographic Printing

Lithographic and offset printing (litho for short) uses plates and ink to print onto a variety of substrates. It’s all about the chemistry, requiring a highly skilled team to ensure the quality of the end result. It may take longer to set up than a digital printer, but it’s ideal for high volume, repeat items, guaranteeing extreme accuracy and colour reproduction.

Litho is the perfect choice for projects requiring sharp and vibrant print at high volumes, such as top-quality brochures, catalogues and magazines.

Digital Printing

In contrast, our digital printing services use digital-based images to print directly onto the chosen media. It’s the perfect choice for low-volume projects from digital sources, produced using high-volume laser and/or inkjet printers and large format equipment.

Digital printing examples include posters, roll-up banners, business stationery, leaflets, brochures, calendars and banners.


What is digital printing used for?

With no pre-press stages or messy formatting equipment required digital printing lends itself perfectly to jobs that require lots of detail in smaller quantities. Think about business stationery, leaflets and small brochures.

What we can offer

Just some of the litho and digital print assets we can offer your business.

Example print possibilities


From stylish sales collateral to multi-page product catalogues, designed to present your products accurately and professionally.


Every imaginable design and format, produced and finished to the highest quality standards, matching individual requirements.

Product presentation

Purpose designed to present products, materials and swatches in an accessible and appealing format, completed and ready for use.

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