New Signage For Wibsey Surgery


The face we present to the outside world is an important issue. When The Ridge Medical Practice, needed to update the signage for their Wibsey surgery to replace outdated and damaged original lettering, they requested a cost-effective solution with impact and clarity.

Wibsey Surgery Signage before the update

The initial concept was designed and visualised by DMD Design & Marketing adhering to branding guidelines they had developed some years ago. The signage was then produced by Smart Printing Company in Bradford using a DIBOND® aluminium composite sheet. DIBOND® is a light yet strong and durable material ideal for exterior signage, and is both rustproof and waterproof, guaranteeing a long service life without deterioration.

Wibsey Surgery with new Ridge branded signage

Printed lettering was adhered to the face of the panel to create the required graphic and give an effective 3D look to the sign.

The finished signage was fitted on-site by Smart Printing Company’s specialist sign fitters, using adjustable stand-off pegs to allow the sign to achieve a flat plane despite the variation in the building fascia.

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