Why Should Businesses Consider Car Wrap Advertising?


If you’re wanting to get your company or business noticed, then car wrap advertising provides you with a multi-faceted opportunity to present your brand to your existing and potential customers. It’s affordable and effectively provides you with a moving billboard wherever your business is represented.

The statistics on vehicle wrapping as a marketing activity are favourable too – more on that later. Whether you want to generate new business, give your vehicle or fleet a refresh or simply promote your branding, vehicle advertising is a great way to shout about what you do.

It’s a straightforward and no-nonsense form of advertising and works for other vehicles like vans and trucks as well as cars. Let’s take a look at what it involves, what it costs and what it could achieve for your companies!

Aren’t car wraps meant for companies with lots of fleet vehicles?

When we talk about car wraps and vehicle wraps, we tend to think of multi-vehicle fleets and national companies and brands. But the concept works just as well for advertisers with single vehicles and one-man bands wanting to promote their products or services across a defined geographical area.

There are the same benefits for advertisers in marketing terms – low-cost ads, a great opportunity to promote your products and services, easy-to-change, eye-catching graphics, out there on the street putting across a message whilst working practically for your business.

How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

There are lots of things that will affect the final cost of your car wrap or vehicle wrap. You can choose between partial and full wraps and different types of wrap, the design which will affect the cost of the actual print, and of course the physical size of the vehicle you want to wrap – cars will be less expensive than a van or a larger truck.

Every wrap is different, but a straightforward wrap will be less expensive than going with a creative and bespoke design. However, impact is an extremely important aspect of a car wrap, and choosing the cheaper option may well be a false economy in the long run, in terms of how well the finished effect will work for you as a marketing initiative and how long it will last.

Cheaper options include deciding to leave out certain features of the vehicle, like mirrors, door handles and bumpers. You may opt to go for a full wrap or a half wrap, and there will be a design cost to match your wrap to your vehicle.

There are different types of finishes, too, including gloss, matt, metallic and special textures, and this will impact the eventual cost and quality.

Here’s a rough guideline of what you can expect to pay in 2023:-

  • Half wraps for a small car would typically be less than £1000. Expect to pay in the region of £1300 for a large car, £1400 for small vans and from £1600 upwards for a larger van.
  • Full wraps for a medium-sized car would be around £1500. A large car or small van would be closer to £2000, and a large van around £2400.

It’s an investment for your company – when they’re wrapped, remember to protect them by giving them the care and maintenance they deserve! Regular cleaning and hand washing will pay dividends in terms of the life expectancy of your wraps.

How do vehicle wraps compare to other forms of advertising?

The statistics demonstrate the efficacy of the car wrap or vehicle wrap as part of your marketing campaign – you could be reaching thousands of potential customers every day your vehicle is on the road.

  • Mobile outdoor advertising has a 2x higher attention rate than static outdoor ads
  • 74% of consumers say they have a more positive opinion when exposed to vehicle wrap ads compared with other types of advertisements
  • 29% reported being influenced into trying out new products or services due its advertisement
  • 78% thought positively about companies who use this form factor for promotion purposes
  • Recall rates can be as high as 97%
  • A single-wrapped vehicle, driving intercity, can attract up to 18 million views a year with a vehicle wrap costing 10% of the overall price of leasing and running a van – a mere 87 pence per day.
  • There is no downside, your vehicle becomes the equivalent of a mobile billboard, promoting you at all times, wherever you go

Media Asset Value Comparison

Advertising MediumCost Per Thousand (CPM)*Cost of Equivalent DEC
Prime-Time Television£14.28£870,884.19
Fleet Graphics (Average, Annualised)**£0.38£23,598.00

*Based on 61 million Prime DEC annually; average of top 40 media markets from media buyers guide

**Based on a three-month 3M study in San Francisco

Thanks to 3M for the stats.

Benefits of Car Wrap Advertising

So what are the key benefits? Let’s take a look at how car wrap advertising and eye-catching graphics can bring real advantages to your company.

No Effort Advertising

There’s no effort required on behalf of the consumer – all they have to do is look at your moving ads, not search. Make sure your web address is visible to help point potential customers to your online presence and additional details. It’s unobtrusive and very effective.

Wide Reaching

It’s a no-brainer. Wherever your vehicle goes, in the city, out the street, moving or parked, day or night, in any location, you can benefit from unlimited exposure for your branding and message. It’s a great way to advertise and get your message across with no real effort beyond designing and investing in your wrap – it’ll keep on working for you and your business, and save money.


Done correctly, a vehicle wrap is eye-catching and generates instant brand exposure. In the UK, we’re all over-exposed to junk mail and advertising in its many forms including commercial and online. Most vehicles on the road either carry no signage or simple logos; a wrap attracts attention. People will notice it if it’s relevant to them if they are considering the subject matter or planning a purchase. It’s almost subliminal, without forcing a message onto the recipient.

What’s more, it makes effective use of your existing assets in terms of your cars or commercial fleet – you’ll be seen and noticed wherever you go, and your vehicles are being used for additional purposes.

Increased Brand Visibility

At the same time, it’s hard to miss, and can very effectively move your brand from an online presence to a mobile identity. Think carefully about your message and the details and make sure it’s easy to read and identify so you’re covered and potential customers can contact you.  

Increased Customer Loyalty

Car wraps can also promote familiarity and alignment with your brand, for example, by helping with the sales process. Research has shown that potential customers who see your car wrap ad are more likely to respond positively to your message, accept your messages and identify with your brand when they’re looking to purchase products or services. What’s more, these customers and users know you operate locally, which can be an important buying signal. 

Increased Sales and Revenue

You spend lots of time investigating ways to grow sales and revenue – here’s where a car wrap advertising campaign can help without conscious effort! The increased exposure and reach that the vehicle gets will introduce your service offering to more people, opening the doors to new customers using your existing assets.

Eye-catching and Attention Grabbing

Invest in professional design and graphics to turn heads and get you noticed – it will be worth the effort. Remember too that vehicle wraps are easy to change – use them as an integral part of your ongoing marketing strategy to introduce new products and services and get people interested.

Advertising by Stealth

It’s non-aggressive but constantly there, so it can be seen as consumer-friendly advertising. It’s essentially unobtrusive and informative and provides a suggestion to potential customers rather than a more direct commercial or pop-up.


So we’ve seen that there are many benefits to car wrap advertising. “If a business has an interest in generating more enquiries, and has vehicles on the road, then wrapping a vehicle is a great option,” says Mark Bailey, Director at Smart Printing Company, designers and producers of vehicle wrap solutions. “In a busy city centre it can be seen by 30-80K people each and every day.”

Mark Bailey, Director

Why not take a closer look at how car wrap advertising could benefit your business in the future?

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